Grace lived in the South Bay longer than anywhere else.  In October of 1956, the three Farbers flew out of Schiphol to La Guardia airport and boarded a train to Los Angeles.  Through what at that time was know as the Methodist Committee for Overseas Relief (MCOR) and the forerunner of Church World Service, they were refugees sponsored by the First Methodist Church in Redondo Beach.  The church provided them with a place to live, a job for Eddy, and a new church family.  Grace immediately became an active member of the Women's Society of Christian Service (which later became United Methodist Women).

Although she lived in several houses, Grace never lived farther than two miles from the church or the beach which is a few blocks away.  Besides church activities, she was a member of the Garden Club and Salvation Army Auxiliary.  She continued to keep in touch with other Dutch-Indonesians and always enjoyed shopping at the Holland-American market and Artesia Bakery.

Grace and Ed divorced in 1968 and in 1973, Grace married Tom Murphy.  Although Tom as fifteen years older than her, he taught Grace to hunt and fish and took her camping in the Sierras and throughout California.  In spite of extremely bad eyesight caused by severely acute glaucoma attacks when she was thirty, these were all new activities which Grace enjoyed. 

1956: Grace and Renata in Palos Verdes

1963 or 1964: Three generations at LAX

1968: on porch of Prospect house

L to R: 1971, visiting Tom & Renata; February 1973 Murphy wedding;
1981 Oma Grace with Sam & Renata