Tom Murphy having passed on in September of 2001, Grace moved to Ventura to live with Renata and Tom Hundley in April of 2002.  She had  pretty much adjusted to her new home (which was undergoing significant remodeling all around her so that everyone would have more space) and was making new friends when she fell and broke her hip in October of 2003.  She unfortunately had very bad reactions to the pain medications in the ER and spent the following month in the ICU with breathing and feeding tubes keeping her alive.  She was moved to the Sub-acute Care Unit in Simi Valley where she spent two months learning to breathe, eat, and walk again.  Having graduated to a stable condition, she moved to the Continuing Care Center behind Ojai Valley Community Hospital where she spent the remainder of her life.   

April 2002

November 2003: first time sitting out of bed

Although she was just far enough from Ventura that she did not get a lot of visitors, especially during the winter rains and floods, Renata and Ventura church friend, Janni, visited her regularly enough that she felt connected to the "real" world.  She also enjoyed occasional visits from other people, especially those of her former pastor from Redondo Beach, who would deliver baskets of goodies put together by her UMW friends down south.   Until writing and reading letters became too difficult, she continued to enjoy those activities.  The CCC has so many activities for its residents that she would often "complain" that she never had time to write cards and letters anymore!  She loved playing BINGO and Yahtzee and always looked forward to the afternoons and evenings when they were scheduled!


March 2004: 77 in Ojai

May 2004: Sam and Grace

Grace was so proud of being considered a "miracle".  She was one of the patients honored by Simi Valley Hospital for their recoveries.  This picture appeared in each local edition of the county paper.

March 2005: celebrating      birthdays with Tom

October 2004: writing letters

Thanksgiving 2004

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